Steps to Freedom

June 16th 2018
St. Marys Episcopal Church
4311 W. San Miguel St
Tampa, FL 33629

This annual event is designed to provide an entertaining and informational look at the 12 steps of recovery. A variety of formats have been used in the past. We've brought in speakers from out of the area or local speakers, one speaker or many speakers, structured formats like Joe and Charlie or loosely formatted where the speakers discuss personal experiences. It has always been a great opportunity to bring the community together and share in a meal learn something new, provide opportunities for service, and benefit a good cause

It’s up to US, who now share in the miracle of sobriety to make sure the message of recovery is available to to people sufffering from alcoholism who are unable to get themselves to a meeting!

Join us for food, fellowship, a fact and fun-filled day of great speakers that benefits Tampa Bay Area Institutions Committee and helps to bring the experience, strength and hope to the suffering alcoholic.

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About the Committee

Steps to Freedom Committee

Since 2003 the Steps to Freedom Committee has hosted the Steps to Freedom conference. There has been a variety of formats utilized, including single guest speakers, Joe and Charlie Style couples, multiple local community leaders. It always has focused on carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the Alcoholics that still suffer.

In addition to hosting the workshop in the Summer, the committee has hosted a number of other events or activities. In 2015, Steps to Freedom committee took on the annual Soberween celebration. It is an annual sober event, dance, gathering, party, with music, food, dancing, costumes, decoration, and fun. It has grown in popularity every year and has become a must attend event for AA members of all types. It has always been held near downtown Tampa so it is accessible for everybody in the Tampa Bay region.

There have been other events like rummage sales, Founders day events, and bake sales. Funds raised are always contributed to service organizations based on the committees group conscience. Most recently the committee has been contributing all proceeds from all activities to Tampa Bay Area Institutions Committee. The fund raising is a integral part of what the committee does but it is not the only think that is being accomplished. We are providing opportunities for old timers, well grounded members, and new comers to come to gather under a united purpose. It is a fun way to get involved and witness AA members 'Walking the Walk.' There is a great deal of merriment about it all. Like it has been said about sponsorship 'it helps us more then it helps them.' There is always a lot to do in putting on large events and there is always room to include more volunteers.

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Get Involved

Opportunities for Service

Steps to Freeddom is more than just an opportunity to come to a one day event. It is an opportunity to get involved in service. It takes people to organize and coordinate speakers, food, facilities, logistics, communications, program, parking, registrations and stuff. The people who do this kind of service love AA and are excited to be sober. Get involved and you will get know what we are talking about.